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Where does my money go when I give it to my bank?
Recently I have written a few entries highlighting security concerns, especially physical security. I've talked about security policies and why every business should have them, after all your security is only as strong as your worst employee. So while I was searching for interesting news I came across a story that highlights the need for security policies that you might find incredibly funny (in an “oh my gosh I can't believe he did that” kinda way).

Last Wednesday work at a BB&T bank was proceeding as usual. An AT Systems employee came to pick up some cash for his armored truck, but it wasn't the regular guy. “Im filling in, the regular guy is on leave.” was the excuse given. Apparently good enough, the bank handed the cash over to the armored truck employee and everyone went about their day.

On Thursday a Brinks employee walked into a Wachovie branch and a very similar scene played out. Different currier filling in for the regular guy, money changed hands, and business went on as usual.

It wasn't till later in the day on Thursday that the banks realized that something was wrong.

IT wasn't until the real security guards showed up for their cash pickups that the banks realized that they have given a combined $850,000 in cash to the wrong people ($500,000 from the first bank, $350,000 from the second).

Because these are banks were talking about I know there had to have been some security protocols in place. Banks don't just give money to anyone. But honestly, did no one notice the lack of an armored car? Did no one stop and realize that the security people were very early? Were badges even checked? This is the reason we have security policies. This is the reason that we enforce them. We're not trying to be mean, we're not “out to get” our end users. We make these policies and enforce them because we don't want to just give away $850,000 to a random stranger.

Finally, for your amusement, this is how I picture the conversation between the fake security guards and the bank employee taking place.

Fake Security Guard: Hey, I'm here to pick up the money.
Bank Employee: Sure not a probl... wait a second, your not george...
FSG: Ya, George is out... ummm... hes sick. Ya, he has the plague.
BE: Ouch man, hope he gets better. I can't read your name tag, whats your name?
FSG: Umm... Yourso Stupido?...
BE: Is that Spanish?
FSG: No it's Italian.
BE: Ahh right right, I knew that. Just go ahead and sign for the money and I'll help you move it to the truck.
FSG: Ya, about the truck... it's uhh... in for repairs.
BE: In for repairs? Man everything is just messed up today isn't it? So what are you driving then.
FSG: A 2000 Dodge Neon...
BE: I see... How is that going to protect the money?
FSG: Well, were going low tech today, no one would expect that. Speaking of... I ran out of Money sacks at the last bank. If you would just put the money in these grocery bags I'd appreciate it.
BE: Ya ya no problem. Here ya are, $2,000 dollars.
FSG: $2000? Thats it? Aw man, my boss is gonna hate me. I only got $2,000 from the last bank. Can't you help me out? I'm trying to make a good first impression so he'll give me more routes. Can't you give me a little more?
BE: Well, im really not supposed to...
FSG: Please?...
BE: Alright.... heres $500,000.... but you owe me a drink later!
FSG: Thanks man, I really appreciate it.
BE: No problem man, not like it's my money! You need help carrying those bags out?
FSG: No no, I'm good. Have a nice day!


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