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elite_fuzz's Journal

How can you fit a life into a short bio page? As i have not yet found an answer to this age old question i will bore you with details you never wanted to know about me and will most likely never think of again.
Born in: Wyoming
Age: Old enough to drink legally
School: Any Microsoft class i can get into at work.
Occupation: IT instructor, sales person, marketing, research, office gopher, IT technician
IT eh? got any certs?: A+, Network+, CNS, Dell foundations (desktop AND laptop), working on my MCSE
Ok so your a geek. I'm betting you don't have a girl: o'contrair (ok so spelling is not my strong suit), i have the best girl in the world!
Lucky stiff: You betcha!!
Pics or it didn't happen: Not on your life. mine, not yours
Jealous much? You betcha!
Do you do anything besides IT geeky stuff?: racquet ball, jazz bass, write, closet movie buff, debate religion, kill kittens...
Sounds like your kinda hot: If by hot you mean not hot...
Come on...: 5'11'' 207lbs, strange creepy eyes, glasses, horribly fashion sense, and facial hair that does not want to grow in correctly...
So how'd you get such a hot girl?: Shes blind...
Really?: No....
So how?: Magic...
Really?: No....
So... oh nevermind: Much better